Atomic Society Review


For those of you who don’t know, I recently did a 3-part mini-series of the gameplay of Atomic Society, in which we explore the post-apocalyptic city builder through the lens of an immersed mayor!  As it turns out, this pre-alpha game is pretty alright – but is not ready for prime time.  If you watch the videos, you’ll see that currently everything there is to explore can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less – and reproduced in an equal number of minutes.

Currently Atomic Society is set to be released shortly after the new year, but can be purchased as Pre-Alpha for $14.99 currently from Far Road Games.

Overall and at the current price point, it’s simply not justifiable to recommend spending the money this early in development: unless you’re interested in showing the developers how much you WANT this type of game (which is exactly why I did).  It has promise, and the developers are extremely active, which shows their level of commitment.  In my first episode I captured a bug which they have (reportedly) already been able to fix, in part due to me having video footage of the problem occurring!

Check out video 1, and dive in.  Go check out their website, check out their forum, and take a peak at their devblog to see if it’s something you’d like to participate in!


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