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New Series and Game Hype!


What’s going on everyone?!  I’m back to talk about a few things going on right now, and get this world kickin’ again!

After much personal trepidation over doing a Minecraft series, I decided to not do one at all for one reason – I don’t love the game like that.  It’s fun, it’s fine.  It’s something I can play when I have some personal time.  It is not however something I could do a Let’s Play for!  Instead, it has been replaced with my Skyrim Let’s Play of Bhijir!

I’ve taken this opportunity to go ahead and work on my thumbnail graphics, which you’ll see are looking MUCH nicer than some of the past ones.  It took a long time to learn how to use Photoshop more effectively, but we’ve pulled through!  It took me quite a while to get everything squared away but I think we’re on track.  Please leave a comment or two on the videos and let me know what you think – and join us in our adventures in Skyrim!

August 2017 Channel Update and More!


Wow it has been a while since I have posted one of these.  Don’t think that i’ve abandoned the website, because that hasn’t happened!  I’m still going strong, and wrapping up a full playthrough of Life Is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment!  Hopefully i’ll be able to roll straight into Before the Storm, when that comes out on the 31st!  The only thing that might keep that from happening?

My baby!  I am having a baby no later than September 1st, which is what has been keeping me so preoccupied lately.  My wife and I have been updating our house a little with the landscaping (rubber mulch is fantastic), and some other minor stuff like new gutter guards – and she has been a real go getter, despite being 9 months pregnant.

The previous schedule that I had set up with X-Com, Astroneer, and The Long Dark turned out to be a bit of a blunder.  At the same time, a great YouTuber by the name of Hadrian started a series on how to play the game (available here) and he covered it way better than I ever could so be sure to check him out!  I ended up getting overwhelmed with the volume of videos I had to publish, and the other 2 games simply didn’t gain any traction, seemingly not appealing to you faithful viewers.

What does the future hold?  I’m not sure just yet.  I’ve considered some MineCraft, Cities: Skylines, or maybe we’ll go back through my library and actually play some of the older games I simply haven’t touched?!  I need your input!  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

Atomic Society Review


For those of you who don’t know, I recently did a 3-part mini-series of the gameplay of Atomic Society, in which we explore the post-apocalyptic city builder through the lens of an immersed mayor!  As it turns out, this pre-alpha game is pretty alright – but is not ready for prime time.  If you watch the videos, you’ll see that currently everything there is to explore can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less – and reproduced in an equal number of minutes.

Currently Atomic Society is set to be released shortly after the new year, but can be purchased as Pre-Alpha for $14.99 currently from Far Road Games.

Overall and at the current price point, it’s simply not justifiable to recommend spending the money this early in development: unless you’re interested in showing the developers how much you WANT this type of game (which is exactly why I did).  It has promise, and the developers are extremely active, which shows their level of commitment.  In my first episode I captured a bug which they have (reportedly) already been able to fix, in part due to me having video footage of the problem occurring!

Check out video 1, and dive in.  Go check out their website, check out their forum, and take a peak at their devblog to see if it’s something you’d like to participate in!

April 2017 Channel Update


What’s going on guys!  It has been a long road, and I feel like we’re really gaining some traction here!  Between the increase in comments that you guys have been leaving and showing tons of love, the increase in subscribers (woot woot, sitting at 57 currently!), and the fact that our Ark series is doing better than ever, I’ve been feeling really good about the channel!

If you’re just now tuning in, be sure to check out the Let’s Play Ark: Survival Evolved on the Center Map playlist on YouTube!

If you have a few minutes, i’d recommend checking out the channel update video, because that covers pretty much everything with regards to the channel.  If you have feedback or questions, feel free to leave a comment on the video page or here, I’ll answer them as soon as I see them!


The Long Dark Maps (No Spoilers)


As many of you may know, I’ve recently been doing a Let’s Play of The Long Dark by Hinterland Games.  This captivating winter survival game has taken the masochist within all of us and brought it to the surface, pushing us to struggle in what’s probably one of the most satisfying yet difficult games of all times.  With highly limited resources, you’re forced to move from scavenging to self-sustainment over the course of your gameplay, always trying to survive just one more day!

While this post isn’t going to be a review, I would urge anyone who’s interested in the game to go ahead and check out my The Long Dark Gameplay Guide playlist to see if it’s something you’d like to pick up, since it is currently on sale for 50% off over on the Humble Bundle website!

Something to help both the amateur and professional along the way though, is a bunch of maps that I recently found on the Steam forums.  I’ve decided to mirror them here, since there have been a few times I’ve had trouble pulling them up.  Keep in mind that i’m posting only the Spoiler Free maps here, but Whiteberry (@toarda, the original creator) also has resources annotated on another version which is available here!  I’ve left the Forlorn Muskeg map off intentionally, since it’s currently incomplete and does not have a spoiler-free version.

Warning:  Part of the experience of this game that makes it so unforgettable is the initial immersion of having no idea where you are, or what is going on.  Using ANY map before exploring all of the areas will absolutely break that immersion.  That being said, feel free to use them as you see fit!